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I'm an artist currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

My current practice celebrates lush, sensuous, femininity through the lens of a technicolour dreamworld. I bring in my love of classical Hollywood cinema, experience in dance (such as aerial, burlesque, tap, jazz), creator & collector of vintage, and a touch of suburban Australiana to create a cinematic place, an alternate reality reminiscent of those glorious 1950s films where the glamorous dames and vixens fiercely thrive for their own damn enjoyment.
Feminine sensuality and strength are often not depicted in our Westernised culture in an authentic way nor are feminine attributes in any gender celebrated - in particular, a woman’s sexuality is often codified and pre-packaged to be minimised and to satisfy an objectifying gaze. It is coded as a dangerous, frightening thing: we a witches, we are animals, we need to be controlled and tamed, still says the contemporary narrative.
This narrative needs to be changed. Equality is a beautiful thing, in intimate relationships, friendships and within oneself. I believe that to dance is to heal, that beautifully decorating the body is good armour, that flowers are symbols of strength, that the modern urban environment needs to be enlivened by your dreamscapes, that there is no light without the dark: you are an expressive force of all shades of emotion. That to be feminine is to be strong, that modern magic is an agent of change, that authentic love is the essential ingredient for life.

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